Coaching Services

Our coaching approach views the client as a partner as we seek to facilitate a creative process, where deep listening and thought-provoking questions develop new awareness and possibilities. We take into account the whole person and the situation, opening new avenues of learning. Our approach includes client development of action steps which encourages ownership and personal responsibility. All of our coaches hold credentials with the International Coaching Federation and align with their Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.  


Leadership and executive

  • Intended for individuals who lead at a high level and are interested in expanding their influence, addressing their challenges, and increasing their capacity. 

  • In one on one coaching, you will have the opportunity to discover how you can strengthen your foundations and expand your boundaries.


  • Designed for individuals who are motivated to pursue personal growth in their relationships, communication, or leadership. 
  • Your coach will work with you to develop a learning plan that identifies your goals and desired outcomes. 



  • Designed for newly established teams or teams facing new challenges.  

  • In team coaching, your coach will facilitate a process of discovery, helping your team identify how to amplify your results and talents, stay rooted in company values and branch out together in astonishing ways.


  • Created for groups of like-minded leaders in the same industry or profession.
  • Through the group coaching process, you will participate in a learning community where you will encounter significant opportunities for growth and build a community that will support your learning.