Consulting services

As consultants, we aim to provide high quality, research-based training, and workshop facilitation while acknowledging the unique and varied organizational contexts of our clients. While we have certain expertise and experience, we commit to never arrive with a predetermined program but rather work diligently to co-develop, with clients, the most relevant offering possible. Our specialties include the following:



  • Do you want to equip your leaders to more effectively empower and develop their direct reports? 

  • Coaching Skills training will prepare your leaders to listen deeply, asks the right question at the right time, and bring out the best in those they lead. 


Shared Leadership

  • Do you want your organization to employ a decentralized highly engaged leadership structure? Shared Leadership practices recognize the wisdom and expertise of the group and enable your team to disperse responsibility, increase efficiency, and attain optimal results.

  • Shared Leadership training will provide your team with the tools and insights to distribute leadership, facilitate lateral influence, and maximize the expertise and strengths of your team members. 



  • Do you want to bring the best out of the team you lead?  Do you know your team has untapped potential? 
  • We will work with you to design and implement a customized program to increase effectiveness, engagement and communication in your team. 


  • Do you want to become more adapt in difficult conversations or lead your team in productive conversations?  
  • Conversation Skills program includes tools that will help your team develop shared language and practice to maximize every conversation.  This program covers topics such as trust, listening, commitments, emotional management, conflict, and others.


  • Do you want to help your diverse team communicate better? 
  • DiSC assessments and training will allow your team members to identify and understand their behavior and communication style and tendencies. Participants will not only understand their own style, but learn about the other communication styles, enabling them to communicate more effectively within a diverse team.
  • This workshop will increase awareness of differences and provide concrete tools and practices for optimal team functioning. Workshops and advanced assessments are available for general teams, managers, and high level leaders.  

presentation Skills

  • Do you want to approach presentation opportunities with confidence knowing you have organized content and a polished delivery?

  • Communication Skills training will equip you and your team to prepare memorable content and deliver engaging presentations that are authentic to your organization.


Servant leadership

  • Do you want to foster a leadership culture that prioritizes the development and growth of your people? Servant Leadership asserts that a leader's role is to focus on the needs of those being served, rather than accumulation of power or authority.   

  • Servant Leadership training will draw on the ten principles of a servant leader as created by Robert Greenleaf and provide your team with opportunities to practice and apply the concepts.