Our Story


Helping leaders root down and branch out since 2012

We started Sequoia Leadership Group in 2012. Our journey, however, started in the Santa Cruz Mountains where we met and were enamored with the beautiful redwood trees, some of which were 3,000 years old.  Drawing inspiration from the longevity and strength of these legendary trees, our style of leadership coaching and consulting takes into consideration the lessons that these trees offer. 

Giant Sequoia’s don’t become giant in a day, just as great leaders don't emerge overnight.  With this long view in mind, we want to support you as you root down into your values and strengths and encourage you as you branch out to enjoy courageous and sustainable growth. 

We have devoted ourselves to the study and practice of  leadership.  Through 10 years of leading volunteers in a non-profit setting and building a community of leaders, we experienced first hand the joys and challenges of leadership.  We have toiled together in the leadership trenches and pursued education and research that has furthered our understanding of effective leadership. Now, we have the distinct privilege of coaching and consulting leaders in various industries.  A good time for us is an intense conversation about leadership and how leaders can change the world for good.

It is our hope that we are able to partner with you and your organization as you root down into your values and successfully branch out.